TableĀ 2

Results of the multivariate Cox proportional model for predictors of new onset of pulmonary hypertension during the follow-up (adjusted on age, disease duration, diffuse cutaneous subtype and positivity of anti-Scl70 antibodies)

Predictors (at baseline)p MultivariateHR, 95% CI
Male sex0.0062.66 (1.32 to 5.36)
DLCO <60%<0.0018.96 (4.11 to 19.53)
Lung fibrosisNS
Muscle weaknessNS
Oesophageal symptomsNS
Arterial hypertensionNS
  • Pulmonary hypertension was diagnosed on right heart catheterisation; predictors were identified in univariate Cox proportional model with a p value<0.1; DLCO, carbon monoxide diffusing capacity test; lung fibrosis was considered if present on X-rays and/or high-resolution CT; NS, not significant.