Table 1

Demographic and clinical characteristics of the two cohorts

Algorithm development cohort (n=101)DUET validation cohort (n=72)p Value
Age (years±SD)42±1540±140.47
Gender—% Male56540.76
HLA B 27—% positivity52540.82
Uveitis, %
Index 1st episode52490.61
Presence of backache, %68690.87
Backache, age of onset <45 years—(% of patients with backache)85.5840.85
Backache, duration >3 months—(% of patients with backache)98.5920.08
Inflammatory backache, as per Rudwaleit criteria45480.74
Inflammatory backache, as per ASAS criteria51620.22
Duration of backache(years±SD)10±109.8±10.50.87
Personal history of PsO—%13110.72
Family history of PsO—%12140.69
  • ASAS, Assessment of SpondyloArthritis international Society; DUET, Dublin Uveitis Evaluation Tool.