Table 2

Algorithm development cohort—a comparison of demographics and clinical characteristics of newly diagnosed spondyloarthritis (SpA) patients versus those who had no SpA after rheumatologic assessment

Newly diagnosed SpA (n=42)Non-SpA (n=59)p Value
Age (years±SD)40.8±1343±16.50.47
Gender—% Male55550.77
HLA B 27—% positivity90.525<0.001
Uveitis, recurrent—%6932<0.001
% of cohort suffering from backache9549<0.001
Backache, age of onset <45 years—(% of patients with backache)10065.5<0.001
Backache, duration >3 months—(% of patients with backache)10096.50.70
Inflammatory backache, as per Rudwaleit criteria (% of patients with backache)60240.004
duration of backache—(years±SD)11±1111±140.96
  • HLA, human leucocyte antigen.