Table 1

Participant characteristics

Gout (MSU crystals observed, n=509)Non-gout (MSU crystals not observed, n=474)
Time since first episode of symptoms (years), median (IQR)6 (2 to 13)3 (0.23 to 8)
Male (%)440 (86%)262 (55%)
Age, mean (SD)60 (15)59 (16)
Clinical diagnosis*
 Calcium pyrophosphate deposition disease4109
 Rheumatoid arthritis270
 Undifferentiated arthritis160
 Septic arthritis210
 Systemic lupus erythematosus05
 South Asian4738
 East Asian67113
 Pacific Island31
 Other indigenous34
  • *Clinical diagnosis was independent of MSU crystal identification.

  • MSU, monosodium urate.