Table 1

Baseline characteristics of the study population

CharacteristicChondroitin sulfate+glucosamine hydrochloride (n=264)*Celecoxib (n=258)*
Age (years)62.2±8.863.2±9.0
Women229 (86.7)209 (81.0)
White260 (98.5)255 (98.8)
Body mass index (kg/m2)31.1±5.830.9±18.0
Kellgren and Lawrence radiographic reading
 Grade 2165 (62.5)162 (62.8)
 Grade 399 (37.5)96 (37.2)
Most common analgesics before inclusion
 Acetaminophen74 (28.0)77 (29.8)
 Ibuprofen45 (17.0)37 (14.3)
 Diclofenac36 (13.4)40 (15.5)
WOMAC score (inclusion)
 Pain scale372.0±41.8370.6±41.4
 Stiffness scale130.2±35.0129.5±37.2
 Function scale1131.4±242.71111.6±267.8
Huskisson's visual analogue scale (pain intensity)72.8±15.173.5±15.1
Joint swelling33 (12.5)36 (14)
Joint effusion18 (6.8)20 (7.8)
Patient's global assessment of disease activity69.1±17.369.4±16.4
Investigator's global assessment of disease activity63.2±15.563.3±14.7
EuroQol-5D (health-related quality of life)
 Usual activities1.8±0.41.8±0.4
 Visual analogue scale54.5±20.352.5±20.7
  • Data are mean±SD or n (%).

  • *Continuous variables are mean±SD at baseline and baseline adjusted least-square means (95% CI) for other measurements; ordinal variables are mean±SD.

  • WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster osteoarthritis index.