Table 1

An overview of definitions of remission in SLE used in the literature

Author(s)YearRemission definitionSerological activity permittedDuration of remission requiredTreatments permitted
Dubois91956Based on the rheumatologist's impressionNot specifiedNoNot specified
Dubois and Tuffanelli101964Based on the rheumatologist's impressionNot specifiedNoNot specified
Gladman et al111979Asymptomatic patientYesNoNone
Tozman et al121982Absence of clinical manifestations of diseaseNoNoNone
Heller and Schur131985Asymptomatic without active organ involvementNoNoAntimalarials and low-dose glucocorticoids
LeBlanc et al141994Clinical SLEDAI=OYes≥3 consecutive clinic visitsAny
Drenkard et al151996Lack of disease activity permitting SLE treatment withdrawalYes≥1 yearNone
Barr et al161999Clinical SLEDAI=0 or PGA <1.0Yes≥1 yearNot specified
Formiga et al171999Lack of disease activity permitted SLE treatment withdrawalYes≥1 yearNone
Swaak et al181999Absence of disease-related signs with no need for treatmentNot specifiedNoNone
Urowitz et al192005Clinical SLEDAI=OYes≥5 yearsNone
Nossent et al202010Physician assessedNot specifiedNoNot specified
Steiman et al212010Clinical SLEDAI-2K=OYes≥2 yearsAntimalarials only
Conti et al222012Clinical SLEDAI-2K=OYes≥2 yearsAntimalarials only
  • Adapted from Steiman et al.8

  • PGA, patient global assessment; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SLEDAI, systemic lupus disease activity index.