Table 3

Changes in the secondary outcome variables during the 6 months of the COMEDRA trial by treatment group

OutcomeBaseline6 monthsInter-group differencep Value
DAS28-ESR3.2±1.33.0±1.23.1±1.42.9±1.2−0.1 (−0.2; 0.0)0.141
mHAQ0.4±0.50.4±0.40.4±0.50.4±0.40.0 (−0.1; 0.0)0.806
RAID (total)3.1±2.12.9±2.02.9±2.12.8±2.00.0 (−0.3; 0.2)0.761
  • Intention-to-treat analysis: 488 patients in the self-assessment group and 482 in the control group.

  • COMEDRA, COmorbidities, EDucation in Rheumatoid Arthritis; DAS28 -ESR, Disease Activity Score 28 based on erythrocyte sedimentation rate; mHAQ, modified Health Assessment Questionnaire;58 RAID, Rheumatoid Arthritis Impact Disease.59