Table 3

Performance of the gout classification criteria in the Study for Updated Gout Classification Criteria validation data set, in comparison with existing published criteria

Criteria set (ref.)Area under the curve*Sensitivity
at published
at published
ACR/EULAR criteria0.950.920.89
ACR/EULAR criteria (clinical-only)†0.890.850.78
ACR 1977 criteria (full)100.831.00‡0.51‡
ACR 1977 (survey)100.830.84‡0.62‡
Rome (clinical)13NA0.77‡0.78‡
New York140.831.00‡0.78‡
New York (clinical)14NA0.79‡0.78‡
Mexico (clinical)12NA0.950.44‡
  • *Based on the sum of the number of items present, or the total score in the case of weighted criteria (ACR/ EULAR criteria and Netherlands criteria).

  • †Without synovial fluid microscopy or imaging.

  • ‡p<0.05 versus the ACR/EULAR criteria.

  • §The Netherlands criteria set was intended as a diagnostic aid, and has two possible cut-offs (see online supplementary table S1); we used the higher cut-off for these analyses because such a score is deemed to suggest gout.

  • ACR/EULAR, American College of Rheumatology/European League Against Rheumatism; NA, not applicable.