Table 1

Example of inflammation/immune-related gene ontology (GO) terms for genes hypomethylated in osteoarthritic hip cluster 2

GO termNumber of genesBonferroni p value
Immune system process1981.28×10−19
Immune response3065.76×10−15
Defence response1282.1×10−11
Regulation of immune response831.87×10−09
Innate immune response873.78×10−09
Activation of immune response451.04×10−05
Immune system development621.18×10−05
Lymphocyte activation323.41×10−04
Regulation of leucocyte activation435.58×10−04
Positive regulation of T cell activation275.91×10−04
Regulation of defence response521.06×10−03
Regulation of IL-1β production112.35×10−03
Regulation of cytokine production483.14×10−03
Positive regulation of leucocyte-mediated immunity151.01×10−02
Regulation of T cell activation301.11×10−02
Leucocyte differentiation211.13×10−02
T cell co-stimulation141.26×10−02
Response to interferon-gamma181.44×10−02
Lymphocyte co-stimulation141.48×10−02
Regulation of lymphocyte-mediated immunity162.69×10−02