Table 1

Number of patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA), ankylosing spondylitis (AS), psoriatic arthritis (PsA) and other arthritides in DANBIO with a history of cervical dysplasia (CD) or carcinoma in situ of the cervix (CIS) prior to DANBIO entry

Ever bDMARD*†Never bDMARD*
Rheumatological diagnosis, n
Characteristics of cohort
 Age at start of follow-up, years52.3 (43.2–59.1)53.4 (44.6–62.5)
 Age at rheumatological diagnosis, years44 (35–53)48 (39–56)
 Time from prior CD/CIS to start of follow-up for entire cohort, years15.8 (5.9–23.7)16.2 (5.3–25.0)
 Time from prior CD/CIS to start of follow-up among patients with RA, years17.6 (10.5–24.3)18.7 (10.3–26.7)
 Proportion with CD/CIS within 2 years prior to start of follow-up, n (%)21 (6)38 (6)
 Follow-up time, years3.5 (1.8–6.2)1.5 (0.6–3.1)
 Person-years of observation13031197
 Treated with csDMARD, n (%)220 (67%)389 (65%)
Characteristics of patients with RA at start of follow-up
 IgM RF seropositive, n (%)175 (75)305 (69)
 Disease duration, years6 (2–14)5 (1–10)
 Proportion with disease duration <2 years, n (%)42 (18)111 (25)
 Tender joint count (0–28)8 (4–14)4 (1–8)
 Swollen joint count (0–28)5 (2–9)2 (0–5)
 CRP, mg/L10 (4–25)7 (4–13)
 DAS28-CRP4.9 (3.7–5.7)3.0 (1.2–4.5)
 HAQ (0–3)1.3 (0.6–1.8)0.6 (0.0–1.3)
  • Characteristics of the cohort and clinical characteristics of patients with RA at first registration according to ever or never biological DMARD (bDMARD) exposure.

  • Numbers are medians (IQR) unless otherwise indicated.

  • *One hundred and nineteen patients who received csDMARD at DANBIO entry but later switched to bDMARD contributed person-years to both treatment groups and are included in both groups in the table.

  • †First biological treatment for patients with RA: adalimumab 66 patients; etanercept 53; infliximab 81, golimumab 7 and certolizumab 8; abatacept 0; anakinra 4; rituximab 5; tocilizumab 3 and other 6.

  • ‡Other arthritides: This term covers a range of unspecified inflammatory arthritides.

  • §A total of 127 patients with precancerous cervical lesions had no specified histopathologic grading in The Danish Cancer Registry.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; csDMARD, conventional synthetic DMARD; DAS28, Disease Activity Score with 28 joint count; DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; RF, rheumatoid factor.