Table 3

Quotes supporting the ‘impact’ theme of patient-perceived remission

Physical functioning11NL3 3:I am physically limited by this disease. When it would really be gone, I would be able to behave differently. The whole day, really. I could do so much more, I would be so much more mobile so to speak. Because I limit my activities to reduce the disease activity.
Activities of daily living12MODWhat are the features of a good period for you personally?
NL2 3:Much more active, you are in the mood to go to the market
NL2 4:When you feel good, you go out, do this, do that, you know...
NL2 2:That you can do your normal daily activities. That you're not depending on anyone else.
13AT2 2:The main difference I can feel, when one can feel it [active disease] is in performing everyday activities. For example putting on your socks can turn into a torture. Then you already know that the disease is active again.
Independence14UK2 G:… independence of personal care and independence of the jobs in the house that I think of as being my jobs and being able to do some of the fun things as well. Before, if I cooked dinner that would be me done for the entire weekend. I love cooking, the kids really love my cooking and … but for me to do them a Sunday roast that would be me absolutely done, and there was be no frills on it. Whereas now I can go to the park as well and, so you kind of get like I like to be independent.
15AT1 1:I'm happy that I can open a jar with cucumbers without going to somebody else and asking for help—this is what always reminds me of it [active disease]…