Table 4

Quotes supporting the ‘normality’ theme of patient perceived remission

Being able to work16NL1 C:I'm working fulltime again, so to me that means I'm doing really well.
Family role17UK1 B:Erm, playing with the kids, going on long walks with the kids, whereas before we could never do that. It was like being normal.
18UK2 G:So I think there's this new person that I'm now—a mum, but I'm an independent mum and it's the first time and he's two and a half
Perception of others19UK2 D:I feel pretty good again and it's good that no one else can tell that I've got it, I think that makes me feel that there's nothing wrong.
20UK2 E:Just normal, back to being normal, yeah. People's perception of you, if you get out of a chair like that, especially at my age... When I'm struggling to get out of a chair, people look at me quite funny and think what's wrong with him, but for me to just get out of a chair and just do stuff without thinking about it, I class that as just being back to normal.