Table 3

Baseline demographics and clinical characteristics of diffuse, severe SSc patients treated with RTX matched with diffuse, severe control SSc patients (N=25 pairs)

Baseline characteristics of SSc patients with diffuse severe skin fibrosis (N=25 each group)
RTX treatedMatched controlp Value
Age (years) mean±SEMN=25; 45.0±2.4N=25; 50.0±3.00.2
mRSSN=25; 26.6±1.4N=25; 25.0±1.20.03*
Disease duration in years median (range)5 (3–7)5 (3–7)0.9
Follow-up in months (range)6 (5–9)7 (4–9)0.4
Autoantibodies positive19/2576.015/2075.01.0
 Anti-RNA polymerase III3/2114.31/119.11.0
DMARDs treatment20/2483.316/2272.70.5
  • Autoantibodies were measured and interpreted according to local standards. Demographics and clinical characteristics are defined according to EUSTAR criteria.30

  • ACA, anticentromere antibody; anti-Scl 70, antitopoisomerase 1 antibody; anti-U1-snRNP, anti-U1 small nuclear ribonucleoprotein antibody; DMARDs, disease modifying antirheumatic drugs; EUSTAR, European Scleroderma Trial and Research; mRSS, modified Rodnan Skin Score; N, number of patients available for analysis; n, number of patients with the specific feature; RTX, rituximab; SSc, systemic sclerosis.

  • *p<0.05.