Table 2

Primary and secondary outcomes

OutcomeProportion of participants (%)
Primary outcome23/30 (77%)
Disease response (6 months)29/30 (97%)
Sustained disease response22/30 (73%)
Complete remission (6 months)14/30 (47%)
Complete remission (6 months), exclusive of serum IgG418/30 (60%)
Complete remission (any time point)18/30 (60%)
Complete remission (any time point), exclusive of serum IgG420/30 (67%)
Relapses occurring before month 63
Relapses occurring between months 6 and 124
Time to endpointDuration (days)
Time to disease response (mean±SD)*43±37
Time to complete remission (mean±SD)*198±87
Time to relapse (mean±SD)210±105
Total prednisone dose equivalent (mg) administered in the 28 days prior to the 6 month study visit (mean, range)15 (0–280)
Retreatment with RTX for relapses during the 12 months after enrolment4/30 (13%)
  • *The time to disease response and time to complete remission measures overestimate the speed required to achieve these measures because an in-person visit was required for these measures.

  • RTX, rituximab.