Table 3

Univariate and multivariate (adjusted simultaneously for variables shown) associations of different demographic details and clinical variables with the delayed diagnosis of >1 year

Univariate modelMultivariate model
OR95% CIp ValueOR95% CIp Value
Low education status1.770.98 to 3.10.0561.720.93 to 3.180.08
PsA duration1.031.00 to 1.060.01
Deformed joints1.390.85 to 2.280.18
Number of deformed joints1.020.99 to 1.050.10
Erosions1.611.00 to 2.590.04
Osteolysis1.900.96 to 3.750.06
Sacroiliitis1.680.97 to 2.910.06
Arthritis mutilans3.461.32 to 9.060.0112.661.00 to 7.150.050
DMARDs/TNFi free0.400.19 to 0.850.010.440.20 to 0.970.04
PCS.SF-361.020.99 to 1.040.0571.051.02 to 1.080.001
MCS.SF-361.010.99 to 1.040.06
HAQ1.330.88 to to 3.690.008
  • DMARDs, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; MCS.SF-36, mental health factors of quality of life; PCS.SF-36, physical health factors of quality of life; PsA, psoriatic arthritis.