Table 3

Effect of disease activity on the risk of cardiovascular disease; results of the Cox proportional hazards model

VariableEstimateSEExp (B)p Value95% CI
Crude model
 Time-averaged DAS280.2710.0731.311<0.0011.1351.514
Adjusted model
 Time-averaged DAS280.2810.0921.3250.0021.1061.588
 Sex (male)0.6750.1731.964<0.0011.3992.759
 Age (years)0.0470.0081.048<0.0011.0331.065
 BMI (weight (kg)/height (m)²)0.0900.0131.094<0.0011.0661.123
 RF (positive)0.3000.2241.3490.1820.8692.095
 DAS28 at baseline0.1140.0731.1200.1180.9711.292
 Biological ever (Y/N)−0.6090.2170.5440.0050.3550.832
  • Results shown of the Cox proportional hazards regression analysis for the crude model without correction for confounders and for the adjusted model that is corrected for the confounders shown.

  • BMI, body mass index; DAS28, 28 joint disease activity score; RF, rheumatoid factor; MTX, methotrexate.