Table 3

Main obstetric manifestations related to APS associated with SLE and primary APS that appeared during the 10-year follow-up (1999–2009) of the ‘Euro-Phospholipid’ cohort

Obstetric manifestationsAPS associated with SLE (n=14)*
No. (%)
Primary APS (n=65)*
No. (%)
p Value†
Pre-eclampsia/eclampsia‡1 (7.1)3 (4.6)
Early pregnancy loss (<10 weeks)‡3 (21.4)10 (15.3)
Late pregnancy loss (≥10 weeks)‡02 (2.4)
Live birth‡10 (71.4)47 (72.3)
 Live birth with prematurity§4 (40.0)34 (72.3)0.045
 Live birth with intrauterine growth restriction§1 (0.1)24 (51.1)0.017
  • *Number of pregnancies. Some women had more than one pregnancy.

  • ‡Obstetric manifestation related to number of pregnancies.

  • †Pearson χ2.

  • §Fetal complications, percentage related to number of live births.

  • APS, antiphospholipid syndrome; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus.