Table 4

Characteristics of flares

Total number of patientsN20
MalesN (%)18 (90%)
Duration of ‘drug-free’ remission (days)Mean±SD74.50±51.72
Arthritis*N (%)20 (100%)
Inflammatory back painN (%)3 (15%)
EnthesitisN (%)4 (20%)
Psoriatic skin diseaseN (%)16 (80%)
TJC 68†Mean±SD4.05±5.06
SJC 66†Mean±SD2.53±3.24
VAS patient global (cm)Mean±SD4.19±1.81
VAS patient pain (cm)Mean±SD4.21±1.74
VAS physician global (cm)†Mean±SD3.79±1.38
  • *As defined by at least one swollen joint.

  • †Values assessed in 19 patients.

  • ‡Values assessed in 17 patients.

  • PASI, Psoriasis Area Severity Index; SJC, Swollen Joint Count; TJC, Tender Joint Count; VAS, visual analogue scale.