Table 3

Primary SS disease-specific outcomes measures in systemic and non-systemic patients

Not currently systemic patients
Currently systemic patients
p Value*
Physician outcome measures
 ESSDAI4 (1–10)6.1±6.710 (6–17)13.0±10.1<0.0001
 SCAI6 (4.5–8)6.4±3.410 (6–15)11.3±7.0<0.0001
 SSDAI1 (0–2)1.0±1.02 (1–3)1.9±1.6<0.0001
 PhGA2 (1–4)2.7±1.84 (3–6)4.4±2.4<0.0001
Patient-centred measures
 ESSPRI5.7 (4–7.3)5.5±2.36.7 (5.0–7.7)6.3±2.10.0008
 SSI4.6 (3.1–6.5)4.7±2.35.1 (3.4–6.8)5.1±2.20.14
 PROFAD3.9 (2.6–5.5)4.1±2.15 (3.2–6.4)4.9±2.30.0016
 PGA6 (4–8)5.9±2.67 (5–8)6.3±2.60.06
  • Results are presented as median (interquartile range), or means±SD.

  • *Scores were compared to those of patients without systemic involvement using Wilcoxon's test.

  • ESSDAI, EULAR Sjögren's Syndrome Disease Activity Index; ESSPRI, EULAR Sjögren's Syndrome Patient-Reported Index; PGA, patient global assessment; PhGA, physician global assessment; PROFAD, Profile of Fatigue and Discomfort; SCAI, Sjögren's Systemic Clinical Activity Index; SSDAI, Sjögren's Syndrome disease activity index; SSI, Sicca Symptoms Inventory.