Table 2

Rituximab (RTX) application schemes and co-treatment with potentially disease modifying antirheumatic drugs (DMARDs)

RTX application and co-treatment (N=63)n/N(%)
RTX application (each administration within 2 weeks)
 1000 mg13/6320.6
 1000 mg×247/6374.6
 1100 mg×21/631.6
 1295 mg×21/631.6
 500 mg×61/631.6
Co-treatment with DMARDs
 Received one DMARD32/6350.8
  Methotrexate (MTX)13/5822.4
  Azathioprine (AZA)6/5810.3
  Prednisone≥10 mg/day5/618.1
  Mycophenolate mofetil (MMF)4/577.0
  Cyclophosphamide (CYC)1/571.7
 Received two DMARDs8/6312.7
  Prednisone≥10 mg/day+CYC2/573.5
  Prednisone≥10 mg/day+AZA1/581.7
  Prednisone≥10 mg/day+MTX1/581.7
  MTX+TNF-α inhibitors1/492.0
 Received three DMARDs1/631.6
  Prednisone≥10 mg/day+MTX+cyclosporine (CSA)1/581.7
  • Prednisone≥10 mg/day has been defined as DMARD.

  • N, number of patients available for analysis; n, number of patients with the specific feature; TNF-α, tumour necrosis factor α.