Table 2

Detailed autoantibody status of patients with overlap syndromes, compared to patients with lcSSc/dcSSc

 SSc subsetsp Values
Overlap s. (n=325)lcSSc (n=1598)dcSSc (n=997)Overlap versus lcSScOverlap versus dcSSc
ANAs positive92.
ACA positive15.
ATA positive13.24.916.07.952.48.00.1550.0001
Other Abs68.04.326.76.931.17.20.00010.0001
Other Abs than ACA & ATA, including(n=221)(n=426)(n=310)
  • md, missing data; missing data were less than 10%.

  • Abs, antibodies; ACA, anticentromer antibodies; ATA, antitopoisomerase antibodies; ANAs, antinuclear autoantibodies.