Table 4

Associations between manual muscle testing (MMT) and items of the modified score tool for the combined cohort (London and Brazil)

Domain and itemKnee extensor MMTElbow flexion MMT
r*p Value†r*p Value†
Inflammatory domain
 CD3+ endomysial infiltration−0.400.006−0.440.003
 CD3+ perimysial infiltration−0.400.007−0.410.006
 CD68+ endomysial infiltration−0.530.002−0.62<0.001
 Inflammatory domain total (modified)−0.560.001−0.59<0.0001
Muscle fibre domain
 Perifascicular atrophy−0.300.040−0.400.006
 Neonatal myosin−0.570.001−0.57<0.001
 Regeneration/degeneration/necrosis: perifascicular−0.380.009−0.530.002
 Muscle fibre domain total (modified)−0.450.002−0.60<0.0001
 Histopathologists’ Visual Analogue Score for severity−0.450.002−0.62<0.0001
  • *Spearman's rank correlation coefficient.

  • †For test of independence.