Table 3

Self-reported physical activity in the exercise therapy group and the control group at baseline and at the 4-, 10-, 16- and 29-month follow-up*

Baseline4 months10 months16 months29 months
Exercise therapy group
 PASE score†114±43.5115±52.9118±48.6123±50.7120±46.8
 Exercise sessions per week3.2±2.03.7±1.9
 Engaged in strength training—no2221
 Engaged in flexibility training—no2927
 Physical therapy treatment—no141614
Control group
 PASE score†123±50.6121±45.4126±57.3133±57.3139±59.2
 Exercise sessions per week3.2±2.13.7±2.0
 Engaged in strength training—no2418
 Engaged in flexibility training—no2522
 Physical therapy treatment—no181320
  • *Plus-minus values are mean±SD.

  • †The Physical Activity Scale for the Elderly (PASE) consists of 24 questions on physical activity and the total score expresses the overall physical activity level. Scores range from 0 to 315, with 0 indicating complete inactivity and 315 indicating extremely high level of activity.20 ,21