Table 2

Subhazard ratios (95% CI) of non-GCA/GCA groups using the competing risk model (imputed data)

AnalysisRisk of AARisk ratioUnivariate model
(SHR (95% CI))
Multivariate model†
(SHR (95% CI))
Primary analysis
 Non-GCA0.68% (284/41 994)ReferenceReference
 GCA1.43% (100/6999)2.12.11 (1.68 to 2.65)***1.92 (1.52 to 2.41)***
Sensitivity analysis 1
 Non-GCA0.93% (391/41 994)ReferenceReference
 GCA1.73% (121/6999)1.91.86 (1.51 to 2.28)***1.68 (1.36 to 2.06)***
Sensitivity analysis 2
 Non-GCA0.70% (292/41 994)ReferenceReference
 GCA1.49% (104/6999)2.12.14 (1.71 to 2.67)***1.94 (1.55 to 2.43)***
  • Primary analysis: AA outcome comprises definite events in the GPRD. Sensitivity analysis 1: AA outcome comprises definite events in the GPRD or the HES database. Sensitivity analysis 2: AA outcome comprises definite or possible events in the GPRD.

  • ***p<0.001.

  • †Adjusted for BMI, smoking, alcohol, hyperlipidaemia, lipid-lowering medication, hypertension, antihypertensive drugs, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cerebrovascular disease, peripheral vascular disease.

  • AA, aortic aneurysm; BMI, body mass index; GCA, giant cell arteritis; GPRD, General Practice Research Database; HES, Hospital Episode Statistics; SHR, subhazard ratio.