Table 3

Prognostic factor analysis for sustaining remission

ItemsOdds95% CIχ2p Value
(A) Univariate logistic regression analysis
 Age (years)0.9550.907 to 1.0072.9420.0863
 Duration, disease (years)0.9640.908 to 1.0251.3790.2403
 ADA admin periods (weeks)0.9780.956 to 1.0003.820.0507
 DAS28-4ESR0.0940.020 to 0.4389.070.0026**
 RF (U/mL)1.0110.998 to 1.0252.8840.0895
(B) Multivariate logistic regression analysis
 Age (years)0.9630.963 to 0.9061.4410.2300
 ADA admin periods (weeks)0.9850.985 to 0.9591.2540.2629
 DAS28-4ESR0.1430.143 to 0.0295.6530.0174**
 RF (U/mL)1.0121.012 to 0.9962.1270.1448
  • Univariate logistic regression analysis was performed using items with p<0.1 in table 2 to investigate factors related to sustained remission for 1 year after ADA discontinuation. Then, multivariate analyses were conducted using the variables with p<0.2 in the univariate analysis. Using the DAS28-4ESR values which were significant in logistic analysis, ROC analysis was conducted with the response (dependent) variable of if DAS28-4ESR <2.6 (1) or ≥2.6 (0) 1 year after discontinuation of ADA and the explanatory variable of DAS28-4ESR at the timing of ADA discontinuation. **p<0.01: Wald test.

  • ADA administration periods, adalimumab administration periods; DAS28, disease activity score 28; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; RF, rheumatoid factor.