Table 3

Change from baseline in PWV (LOCF), ITT population

TCZ 8 mg/kg+MTX
95% CI (p) for difference
 Mean (SD) PWV, m/s9.0 (2.5)9.0 (2.0)
Week 12
 Mean (SD) PWV, m/s8.4 (1.8)8.9 (2.5)
 Mean change from baseline in PWV, m/s–0.99–0.210.22 to 1.35 (p=0.0067)
Week 24
 Mean (SD) PWV, m/s8.9 (2.0)9.0 (2.3)
 Mean change from baseline in PWV, m/s–0.47–0.17–0.27 to 0.87 (p=0.3042)
  • LOCF was used for missing values. Only postbaseline and pre-escape therapy scores were carried forward. All assessments were set to missing from the time of escape therapy. Mean change from baseline was adjusted for baseline age, C-reactive protein level and mean arterial pressure.

  • ITT, intent-to-treat; LOCF, last-observation-carried-forward; MTX, methotrexate; PWV, pulse wave velocity; TCZ, tocilizumab.