Table 1

Demographic data and laboratory findings of rheumatoid arthritis (RA) patients with HCV infection receiving anti-TNF-α and rituximab therapy*

Anti-TNF-α therapy n=20Rituximab therapy n=6
Age at study entry (years)62.8±12.270.1±11.2
Gender (female, %)19 (95)6 (100)
Disease duration (years)11.0±6.611.3±7.6
RF (IU/mL)155.0±231.9232.1±363.0
Anti-CCP antibody (units)132.7±104.388.9±72.8
ESR (mm/h)48.8±25.430.2±14.7
CRP (mg/dL)0.82±0.840.47±0.41
Daily prednisolone dose (mg)4.7±3.55.4±1.0
Methotrexate (%)6 (30)0 (0)
Hydroxychloroquine (%)13 (65)4 (66.7)
Sulfasalazine (%)3 (15)1 (16.7)
Duration of biological therapy (months)23.4±13.736.2±22.7
  • *Values are mean±SD or the number (%) of patients.

  • CCP, cyclic citrullinated peptide; CRP, C reactive protein; DAS28, disease activity score for 28-joints; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HCV, hepatitis C virus; RF, rheumatoid factor; TNF-α, tumour necrosis factor α.