Table 1

Demographical data

Age (years, average)56.159
Disease duration (years. average)1214
No. of TNF agents failed (average)1.41.33
 Prior etanercept treatment (n)114
 Prior infliximab treatment (n)127
 Prior adalimumab treatment (n)132
 Prior golimumab treatment (n)11
Reason to stop prior TNF agents* (LOE/IR/other)33/3/211/0/2
 Etanercept (n)10/1/04/0/0
 Prior infliximab (n)11/0/15/0/2
 Prior adalimumab (n)11/1/12/0/0
 Prior golimumab (n)1/0/00/0/1
MTX dose (mg/week, mean)16.416.1
DAS (CRP) at baseline (mean)5.485.44
CDAI at baseline (mean)43.343.1
HAQ-DI-DI (mean)1.51.1
  • *Patients were permitted to fail more than one TNF antagonist.

  • CDAI, Clinical Disease Activity Index; DAS, Disease Activity Score; IR, incomplete response; LOE, loss of efficacy.