Table 1

Cx43-interacting proteins identified by nanoLC-MS/MS

Protein nameAccession no.ScorePep (95%)% Cov
 Tubulin α-1A chainQ71U3625.681655.9
 Tubulin α-1B chainP6836327.751758.8
 Tubulin α-1C chainQ9BQE323.281341.4
 Tubulin β chainP0743727.041953.8
 Tubulin β 2B chainQ9BVA119.921428.1
 Tubulin β 2A chainQ1388524.921743.4
 Tubulin β 2C chainP6837121.861547.4
Actin filaments
 Actin, cytoplasmic-1P6070936.682870.1
 Actin, cytoplasmic-2P632619.881657.3
  • Identification parameters used with the ProteinPilot software are provided, including the protein name and accession number according to SwissProt databases, the score, the number of peptides at 95% confidence and the percentage of protein coverage (% Cov).

  • MS, mass spectrometry.