Table 3

Gene enrichment analysis using DAVID

GO-termNgenesOf total (%)p Valuep ValuecorrFold enr.
 GO:0015031∼protein transport518.241.22E-058.31E-031.91
 GO:0045184∼establishment of protein localisation518.241.61E-051.09E-021.89
 GO:0034621∼cellular macromolecular complex subunit organisation304.852.36E-051.60E-022.39
 GO:0008104∼protein localisation558.893.95E-052.68E-021.78
 GO:0007049∼cell cycle508.084.60E-053.13E-021.83
 GO:0006396∼RNA processing396.304.87E-053.31E-022.02
 GO:0046907∼intracellular transport447.116.18E-054.19E-021.90
 GO:0006917∼induction of apoptosis274.367.06E-054.79E-022.38
 GO:0008219∼cell death1317.118.52E-057.33E-033.88
 GO:0012501∼programmed cell death1215.798.92E-057.67E-034.22
  • Biological processes significantly enriched when testing all significant genes (A) or 86 genes with an adjusted p≤0.05 and ≥1.5 fold difference (B) in DAVID using gene ontology term GOTERM_BP_FAT (biological processes).

  • Fold enr., fold enrichment of the indicated pathway; Ngenes, number of genes in this GO term; Of total (%), percentage of genes from the total number of genes tested; p Value, p value for enrichment in the indicated pathway; p Valuecorr, p Value corrected for multiple testing.