Table 1

Patients’ characteristics at baseline per treatment arm

COBRA ClassicCOBRA SlimCOBRA Avant-Garde
Number of patients989894
Age (years)53.2±11.951.8±13.151.2±12.8
BMI (kg/m2)26.0.99±4.326.8±4.226.5±4.2
Gender (women)65.3%64.3%69.1%
Smoking status (ever)57.1%59.2%60.6%
Alcohol intake (yes)55.1%56.1%54.3%
Symptom duration (weeks)33.8±35.533.2±38.244.2±65.6
Disease duration (weeks)1.8±3.12.6±3.33.1±6.3
Employed before symptom onset (yes)52.0%65.3%62.8%
Employed at screening (yes)44.9%53.1%51.1%
Comorbidities at screening (yes)72.4%74.5%64.9%
Nocturnal pain (yes)69.4%72.4%68.1%
Morning stiffness (yes)74.5%68.4%58.4%
RF (yes)79.6%83.7%75.5%
ACPA (yes)77.6%79.6%77.7%
Erosions (yes)32.7%32.7%34.0%
Total TJC14.7±9.513.7±8.214.0±9.0
Total SJC11.9±8.910.8±6.510.5±6.8
PGA (0–100)59.5±21.756.2±21.754.5±24.3
Pain (0–100)59.5±23.656.5±21.956.9±23.88
Fatigue (0–100)50.6±26.049.0±21.348.68±23.78
PhGA (0–100)54.7±18.553.1±18.151.8±18.2
HAQ (0–3)1.2±0.70.98±0.690.99±0.64
  • ACPA, anticitrullinated protein antibody; BMI, body mass index; CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS28, 28 joint disease activity score; Disease duration, time elapsed between diagnosis of RA and start of treatment; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; Morning stiffness, being stiff in the morning for at least 45 min; PGA, patient global assessment; PhGA, physician global assessment; RF, rheumatoid factor; SJC, swollen joint count; Symptom duration, time elapsed between onset of symptoms and start of treatment; TJC, tender joint count; COBRA, combination therapy for early rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Data are presented as mean±SD or as percentages.