Table 1

Advanced imaging studies in asymptomatic hyperuricaemia

PublicationMean serum urate in AH patients (mg/dL)Imaging modalityImaging featureJoints examinedFrequency in AH group (%)Frequency in normouricaemic control group (%)Frequency in gout control group (%)
Puig et al138.5UltrasoundTophusKnees and ankles12/35 (34) participants
Howard et al148.0UltrasoundDouble contour sign and/or tophusFemoral articular cartilage and 1st MTPJ5/17 (29) participants1/19 (5) participants7/14 (50) participants
Pineda et al158.1UltrasoundDouble contour signKnees and 1st MTPJ17/100 (17) knees
25/100 (25) 1st MTPJ
0/104 (0) knees
0/104 (0) 1st MTPJ

TophusKnees and feet18/50 (36) participants0/52 (0) participants
De Miguel et al168.5UltrasoundDouble contour sign or hyperechoic cloudy areaKnees and feet11/26 (42 participants, 9/11 were MSU crystal proven
Sun et al178.1Dual energy CTUrate depositionFeet19/22 (86) participants79/80 (99%) participants
  • AH, asymptomatic hyperuricemia; MTPJ, metatarsophalangeal joint; MSU, monosodium urate.