TableĀ 1

Baseline characteristics of RS-I, RS-II and the Chingford Study

RS-IRS-IIChingford Study
N incident KOA cases47469188
KL score 0 at baseline1116104
KL score 1 at baseline3636384
N controls2154856535
% women54%54%100%
Mean age (years) (SD)65.1 (6.4)63.2 (6.6)53.7 (5.9)
Mean BMI (kg/m2) (SD)26.1 (3.4)26.9 (3.8)25.2 (3.9)
Mean follow-up time (years) (SD)9.4 (2.2)4.1 (0.6)10.3 (0.7)
  • BMI, body mass index; KL, Kellgren & Lawrence; KOA, knee osteoarthritis; N, number of study subjects; RS-I, Rotterdam Study I; RS-II, Rotterdam Study II.