Table 1

Characteristics of patient cohorts

Histology (LFS) present (n=174)% IgA+ plasma cell measured (n=135)*
Female, %9393
Mean±SD age at pSS diagnosis (years)47±1448±15
Median clinical follow-up after biopsy (range) (months)105 (10–408)108 (11–300)
Eventually lost to follow-up, no. (%)†40 (23)30 (22)
Immunomodulating medication at the time of biopsy, no. (%)‡21 (12)16 (12)
Xerophtalmia, %9999
Xerostomia, %9796
Positive Schirmer, %7775
Positive serology anti-SSA/SSB, %7373
Anti-SSA positive, %7473
Anti-SSB positive, %4946
RF positive, %7169
ANA positive, %8181
IgG >16 g/L, %5854
IgG >20 g/L, %3936
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma§, no. (%)16 (9)12 (9)
Mean±SD cumulative ESSDAI8.13±8.607.91±8.91
Mean±SD cumulative ESSDAI –NHL related manifestations6.57±6.206.25±5.95
Mean±SD total EGM score1.07±1.211.05±1.27
Mean±SD total EGM score –NHL related manifestations0.93±1.010.90±1.02
  • Data are presented as mean± SD, median (range) or percentage.

  • *Patient characteristics did not differ between patients with or without results on Ig distribution of plasma cells.

  • †Patient characteristics did not differ between patients completely followed or eventually lost to follow-up.

  • ‡A proportion of patients used immunomodulating medication at the time of biopsy (hydroxychloroquine 13×, prednisone 9×) for indications like arthritis, skin disease or parotitis. Only the occurrence of arthritis was significantly increased in patients using immunomodulating medications, all other patient characteristics/disease manifestations showed no significant differences.

  • §Non-Hodgkin lymphoma subtypes: diffuse large B cell (6), nodal marginal zone (2), mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue (2), lymphoma.

  • ANA, antinuclear antibodies; anti-SSA/SSB, anti-Sjögren syndrome A and/or B antibodies; EGM, extra-glandular manifestations; ESSDAI, EULAR Sjögren syndrome disease activity index; EULAR, European League against Rheumatism; IgG, immunoglobulin G; pSS, primary Sjögren syndrome; LFS, lymphocytic focus score; n, number; NHL, non-Hodgkin lymphoma; –NHL related, not counting NHL and manifestations during its course; RF, rheumatoid factor.