Table 2

Distribution of non-viral OI (n=80) among new TNFI users for all disease indications*

InfectionFrequency (%)
Pneumocystosis16 (20)
Nocardiosis/actinomycosis12 (15)
tuberculosis10 (12.5)
Histoplasmosis9 (11.3)
Non-tuberculous mycobacteria9 (11.3)
Salmonellosis8 (10)
Listeriosis4 (5)
Legionellosis4 (5)
Cryptococcosis3 (3.8)
Endemic fungal infection*1 (1.3)
Toxoplasmosis1 (1.3)
Coccidioidomycosis1 (1.3)
Blastomycosis1 (1.3)
Aspergillosis1 (1.3)
  • *Only the first OI per patient is listed. One patient with tuberculosis was diagnosed with NTM several years later. That NTM case is not listed above but was used in analysis in table 5.

  • †Defined using ICD-9 484.7 (pneumonia in systemic mycoses). Not in table

  • NTM, non-tuberculous mycobacterial; OI, opportunistic infection, TNFI, tumour necrosis factor α inhibitor.