TableĀ 2

Sequelae and DWs for gout, GBD 2010 Study

Sequelae (Health State)Lay descriptionDisability weight (95% UI)
Gout, acute episodeThis person has severe pain and swelling in the leg, making it very difficult to get up and down, stand, walk, lift and carry heavy things. The person has trouble sleeping because of the pain.0.293 (0.198 to 0.404)
Chronic polyarticular goutThis person has severe, constant pain and deformity in most joints, causing difficulty moving around, getting up and down, eating, dressing, lifting, carrying and using the hands. The person often feels sadness, anxiety and extreme fatigue.0.606 (0.421 to 0.771)
  • GBD, Global Burden of Disease; DW, disability weight; UI, uncertainty interval.