Table 5

Specific effect of remission according to different definitions of remission on all-cause mortality

Remission 1Remission 2Remission 3All-cause mortality
Sw 51+Tn51=0Sw28+Tn28=0Sw28≤1 and Tn28≤1HR (95% CI)*HR (95% CI)†
0.95 (0.70 to 1.29)1.01 (0.74 to 1.38)
0.80 (0.52 to 1.23)0.81 (0.52 to 1.27)
0.70 (0.53 to 0.92)0.71 (0.53 to 0.94)
  • *Adjusted for age and gender.

  • †Adjusted for age, gender, smoke, RF, previous and/or concurrent treatment with DMARDs, symptoms duration at baseline, swollen joints at baseline, CRP levels at baseline, HAQ at baseline and calendar year; based on multiple imputation of missing data.

  • CRP, C reactive protein; DMARD, disease modifying antirheumatic drug, HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; RF, rheumatoid factor; Sw, swollen joint count; Tn, tender joint count.