Table 1

ICD codes assigned for other MSK, GBD 2010 study

ICD-10 codeICD-9 code
M00-M02—Infectious arthropathies
M08, M11,M12-M13—Inflammatory polyarthropathies
M20-M25—Other joint disorders
M30-M35—Systemic connective tissue disorders
M40-M43—Deforming dorsopathies
M45-M46 (except M46.9), M48 (except M48.0, M48.1, M48.2, M48.8, M48.9)—Spondylopathies
M60,M61-M62—Disorders of muscles
M65-M68—Disorders of synovium and tendon
M71, M72, M75-M79—Other soft tissue disorders
M80-M85—Disorders of bone density and structure
M87-M90—Other osteopathies
M95-M99—Other disorders of the MSK system and connective tissue
710–711, 712–713, 716, 717–719, 720–721, 725–729, 730.3, 730.9, 731–733, 734–736, 737, 738–739
  • GBD, Global Burden of Disease; ICD, International Classification of Diseases; MSK, musculoskeletal.