Table 3

Correlations between parameters of systolic and diastolic function and disease variables in 59 patients with JDM during disease course, at follow-up and 1 year postdiagnosis

Long axis-strainEFe′
rspp Valuerspp Valuerspp Value
During disease course
 Prednisolone cum−0.070.590.170.21−0.400.002
 Smoking daily−0.110.46−0.040.80−0.150.30
 BP systolic−0.53<0.0010.130.36−0.47<0.001
 BP diastolic−0.46<0.0010.230.10−0.57<0.001
 Smoking daily−0.160.23−0.060.66−0.130.35
 MDI total−0.330.0120.050.72−0.60<0.001
 DAS total−0.130.32−0.020.88−0.140.28
 SF 36 PCS*0.050.65−0.100.350.200.05
1 year postdiagnosis
 MDI total−0.360.006−0.120.40−0.46<0.001
 DAS total−0.400.0020.280.043−0.63<0.001
 DAS skin−0.410.0010.300.029−0.62<0.001
 DAS muscle−−0.46<0.001
  • Values are rsp (Spearman correlation coefficient) or p Value.

  • BP, blood pressure; CHAQ/HAQ, (Child) Health Assessment Questionnaire; DAS, Disease Activity Score; e′, early diastolic tissue velocity; EF, left ventricular ejection fraction; JDM, juvenile dermatomyositis; long-axis strain, mitral annulus displacement as percentage of end-diastolic left ventricular length; Prednisolone cum, cumulative prednisolone dose during disease course; Methotrexate, use during disease course; MDI, Myositis Damage Index; SF-36 PCS, Short Form-36 physical component summary (*only validated in patients 14 years or older, n=48).