Table 3

Clinical response at week 24* among golimumab+ MTX-treated patients by number of previous TNF inhibitor(s)

 Number of previous TNF inhibitor(s)
1 TNF inhibitor2 TNF inhibitors3 TNF inhibitors
Patients who discontinued one or more previous TNF-inhibitor for any reason, n1374717
ACR20 response61 (44.5%)17 (36.2%)4 (23.5%)
ACR50 response30 (21.9%)11 (23.4%)1 (5.9%)
DAS28 response (good/moderate)
 DAS28-CRP80 (58.4%)24 (51.1%)10 (58.8%)
 DAS28-ESR82 (59.9%)24 (51.1%)10 (58.8%)
DAS28 score <2.6
 DAS28-CRP22 (16.1%)3 (6.4%)1 (5.9%)
 DAS28-ESR23 (16.8%)3 (6.4%)1 (5.9%)
HAQ-DI ≥0.25-unit improvement73 (53.3%)22 (46.8%)7 (41.2%)
  • Data presented are number (%) of patients unless otherwise noted.

  • *For patients who escaped early, efficacy data from week 16 were carried forward for analysis at week 24.

  • Excludes patients from a single site due to violations at the study site identified during the Sponsor's standard audit processes.

  • ACR20, ACR50, at least 20% or 50% improvement according to the American College of Rheumatology response criteria; CRP, C reactive protein; DAS28, 28-joint Disease Activity Score; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire Disability Index; MTX, methotrexate; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.