Table 1.

Clinical and ultrasound parameters in controls and SSc subjects

Systemic sclerosis group
ALL (N=20)DSS (N=10)LSS (N=10)Controls (N=10)
Age (years)61.1±12.562.8±14.559.4±10.754.6±13.2
Disease duration (yrs)7.3±5.88.0±5.56.6±6.2N/A
RP duration (yrs)14.3±11.614.4±12.214.2±11.7N/A
Skin stiffness (%)52.1±9.2#56.4±9.9^#47.9±6.4§42.2±4.8
  • *p=0.01 vs LSS; #p<0.01 vs controls; ^p=0.03 vs LSS; §p=0.04 vs controls. N/A: not applicable; NS: not significant; DSS: diffuse systemic sclerosis; LSS: limited systemic sclerosis; mRSS: modified Rodnan Skin Score; RP: Raynaud's phenomenon.