Table 2


What this means for you and your rheumatoid arthritis (RA)...
1Was my RA diagnosed by a specialised health professional within 6 weeks of onset of symptoms?
2Do I understand my disease, my role in its management and the role of health professionals? Have I been given information in different formats and/or education about my disease? Have I been given information and/or education about treatments, their benefits and risks? Have I been given information and education relevant to my needs, that is, what to do if my disease is worsening, in case of pain and adverse reactions on drugs? Have I been given information about, and given contact details of, relevant patient charities and organisations which are considered to be trusted sources of evidence-based information?
3Have I received a treatment plan which includes an explanation of my management, expected goals and outcomes and important contact details?
4Was I informed about expected benefits and potential risks of treatment? Was I assessed for clinical status and safety before the treatment was started? Was I informed about vaccinations? 
5Have I received a schedule of regular assessments of my disease—the symptoms, disease activity and of what I can do?
6Have I been informed when, how and who I can contact in case my disease is worsening?
7Am I receiving a disease modifying anti-rheumatic drug, and if not, do I understand why not?
8If my target of low disease activity or remission is not achieved, is my treatment reappraised at least every 3 months?
9Do I know how to control pain associated with my RA?
10Have I been informed about the options of surgery, and have the benefits and risks been explained?
11Do I have access to pharmacological and non-pharmacological treatments according to my needs?
12Do I have the opportunity to receive support if needed from health professionals, such as rheumatologist, dietician, general practitioner, nurse, occupational therapist, physiotherapist, psychologist and social worker? Have I been offered information about how, why and when to contact different members of the multidisciplinary team as soon as possible after my diagnosis was made?
13Have I been informed about physical activity and exercises specific for me?
14Have I received information and, if necessary, advice and training on aids, devices and ergonomic principles to enhance function in daily life and participation in social roles?
15Have I been informed about a healthy lifestyle?
16Have I been informed about alternative therapies and the current (limited) evidence available to make an informed treatment decision?
  • This checklist was developed by patient research partners in collaboration with the whole working group. The patient research partners have been recruited through patient leagues participating in this work package.

  • We suggest this checklist should be available for all patients, throughout Europe but should particularly be a source for active and interested patients.

  • The checklist should enable patients in Europe to follow the adherence to the recommended standards of care of their RA.