Table 5

Percentage of increased death due to musculoskeletal (MSK) conditions after the garbage codes redistribution

All MSK diseases (%)Rheumatoid arthritis (%)Other MSK disorders (%)
Total increase21.17.525.9
ill def: from R00–R993.62.73.9
Fever, malaise, unknown origin1.01.10.9
Renal failure0.90.01.2
DIC, cardiac arrest, acute respiratory failure0.60.70.6
Thorax and pleural problem0.41.40.0
I271) Kyphoscoliotic heart disease0.20.00.3
ill dif (result of age and sex restriction)
ill def: from M09–M990.10.10.1
different paralytic syndrome0.10.00.1
ill def: from F32–F990.00.00.1