TableĀ 3

Age-standardised prevalence of knee OA by region and sex, GBD 2010 study

Prevalence (%)Lower UI (%)Upper UI (%)Prevalence (%)Lower UI (%)Upper UI (%)
Asia, Central3.
Asia, East2.
Asia Pacific, high-income4.
Asia, South1.
Asia, Southeast2.
Europe, Central3.
Europe, Eastern2.
Europe, Western2.
Latin America, Andean3.
Latin America, Central3.
Latin America, Southern3.
Latin America, Tropical3.
North Africa, Middle East4.
North America, high-income3.
Sub-Saharan Africa, Central3.
Sub-Saharan Africa, East3.
Sub-Saharan Africa, South3.
Sub-Saharan Africa, West3.
  • GBD, Global Burden of Disease; OA, osteoarthritis; UI, uncertainty interval.