Table 1

Sixteen domains of health identified as important by 12 patients with PsA and their order of importance and priority ratings based on information from 139 patients with PsA

Domain number (by order of importance)Domain and short defining statementMedian order of importance (range of importance 1–16)% patients ordering this domain in the top 8% patients ordering this domain in the lowest 4% patients considering this domain a priority
1Pain (pain in joints, spine and skin)2.5695084
2Skin problems (including itching)6.20651353
3Fatigue (being physically tired, but also mental fatigue, lack of energy)6.4374643
4Ability to work/leisure (ability to work and/or do leisure activities)6.6767950
5Functional capacity (capacity to perform daily physical activities, loss of independence)7.23641246
6Feeling of discomfort (discomfort and annoyance with everyday tasks)7.5864726
7Sleep disturbance (sleep quality, sleep interruptions)7.96562536
8Anxiety, fear and uncertainty (eg, about the future, treatments, fear of loneliness)8.42501933
9Coping (adjustment to the disease, managing, being in charge, making do with the disease)8.45531735
10Embarrassment and/or shame due to appearance (feeling embarrassed/ashamed due to appearance)9.74403524
11Social participation (participating fully in social activities)10.01333023
12Depression (feeling sad or depressed)10.06393224
13Relationship with family (relationship with family and/or people very close to you)10.51344430
14Concentration difficulties (difficulty concentrating and memorising)10.61323719
15Rejection and discrimination due to appearance (being rejected and discriminated against because of appearance)11.60225312
16Sexual life (sexual difficulties or dissatisfaction)11.61255215
  • Patients gave each domain both an order of importance (from 1 to 16) and a priority rating (yes/no). The 12 domains with highest median rank were retained, and domain 13 was merged with domain 11 for the final PsAID scores.

  • PsA, psoriatic arthritis; PsAID, PsA Impact of Disease.