Table 2

The association between radiographic progression and treatment group—multivariate analysis (GEE model)

CovariateOR95% CIp Value
Treatment group: methotrexate vs anti-TNF agent4.451.81 to 10.940.001
 Age (years)0.980.95 to 1.020.3
 Sex: male0.830.34 to 2.010.67
 Duration of PsA (years)0.970.93 to 1.020.26
Modified Steinbrocker score at time 01.031.01 to 1.050.006
 Active joint count1.020.96 to 1.080.57
 Swollen joint count0.940.83 to 1.060.29
  • GEE, generalised estimating equation; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.