Table 1

Characteristics of study cohort at baseline in participants who did and did not complete phase 3

CharacteristicsCompleted phase 3
Did not complete phase 3
p Value
Vitamin D (nmol/l)53.9 (18.9)49.0 (17.7)0.0001
Proportion of patients with vitamin D <25 nmol/l (%)
Age (years)62.1 (7.0)65.2 (8.1)<0.001
Sex (% female)50.545.20.11
Body mass index27.7 (4.6)28.4 (5.1)0.02
Total knee WOMAC score3.3 (5.6)5.0 (7.8)<0.001
  • Results are shown as mean (SD) unless stated otherwise.

  • Bold p values indicate statistically significant difference at α=0.05.

  • WOMAC, Western Ontario and McMaster University Osteoarthritis Index.