Table 1

Characteristics of the study population

Mean±SD or frequency (%)
VariableTNFα blocker (n=65)Methotrexate (n=70)p Value
Age (years)46.5±11.947.2±13.10.75
Gender: male44 (67.7%)40 (57.1)0.21
Duration of PsA (years)13.2±9.710.7±8.80.12
Swollen joint count at baseline4.7±4.14±4.30.34
 at time 13±1.84.9±5.60.13
 at time 22.3±1.33.4±2.70.40
Tender joint count at baseline6.2±6.97.0±6.90.51
 at time 15.7±4.27.6±7.10.23
 at time 22.7±4.66.2±7.80.02
Damaged joint count9.6±13.58.5±12.60.62
PASI at baseline6.3±10.87.7±8.60.42
 at time 12.8±4.05.3±5.50.02
 at time 22.7±4.66.2±7.80.02
ESR (mm/h) at baseline23.6±18.428.3±20.20.17
 at time 115.4±13.922.2±16.30.04
 at time 210.5±8.821.1±15.90.0005
Anti-TNF use before baseline4 (6.2%)0 (0%)0.04
Use of methotrexate16 (24.6%)70 (100%)0.02
No of DMARD failed1.8±1.91±1.40.13
Baseline mSS30.9±34.631.6±38.30.91
HAQ at baseline0.9±0.70.7±0.70.21
 at time 10.6±0.60.6±0.60.89
 at time 20.6±0.60.7±0.70.44
Subtype of PsA
 Peripheral35 (53.9%)38 (55.9%)0.81
 Peripheral and axial†30 (46.2%)30 (44.1%)
Maximal dose of methotrexate‡16.7±6.019.2±29.4<0.001
  • †The presence of bilateral at least grade 2 radiographic sacroiliitis or unilateral grade 3 or more radiographic sacroiliitis.

  • ‡Maximal doses of methotrexate during the study period.

  • DMARD, disease-modifying antirheumatic drug; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; mSS, modification of the Steinbrocker score; PASI, psoriasis area severity index; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; TNFα, tumour necrosis factor α.