Table 1

Topics selected for the systematic literature search

TopicArticles, n
Correlation between disease activity and outcomes (damage accrual, mortality, QoL)257
Low disease activity and remission as surrogates of therapeutic success against outcomes40
Benefits and harms of treating serologically active but clinically quiescent disease2
Validated definitions of flares of disease activity against outcomes27
Is sustained remission or prevention of flares an achievable goal?95
Correlation between chronic, irreversible organ damage and mortality74
Correlation between chronic, irreversible organ damage and QoL49
Early vs late, and intensive vs less intensive control of disease activity48
‘Induction-maintenance’ vs ‘induction-only’ treatment strategy4
Long-term benefits and harms of glucocorticoids regimes in chronic maintenance treatment61
Benefits and harms of anticoagulation regimens in patients with antiphospholipid antibodies12
Benefits and harms of adjunct therapies50