Table 2

Overview of selected papers

First author, year of publicationrefNQuality score (%)OutcomeAssociation between shorter symptom duration and outcome
Radiographic joint damage
 Jansen, 2001 16130 79SHSS
 Lukas, 2011 22661 86SHSS
 Nell, 2004 24 40 86LarsenS
 Van der Linden, 2010 21598100SHSS
 Weng, 2010 30233 85SharpNS
 Bosello, 2011 12121 50Larsen or SHSS
 Dixey, 2004 13866 64LarsenS
 Kaufmann, 2003 18 54 43LarsenNS
 Pascual-Ramos, 2009 25 72 43Erosive (yes/no)NS
 Sanmarti, 2003 27 60 57LarsenS
DMARD-free sustained remission
 De Rooy, 2011 10*676 86DMARD-free sustained remissionS
 Van der Woude, 2009 9* (ERAS)895 86DMARD-free sustained remissionS
 Van der Woude, 2012 11* (BeSt)508 79DMARD-free sustained remissionNS
Other outcomes in RA
 Jayakumar, 2012 17704 85DAS-28 <1.6‡S
 Mötönnen, 2002 23199 87ACR remissionS/NS§
 Nell, 2004 24 40 86DAS-28 <2.6‡
 Weng, 2010 30233 85DAS-44 <1.6‡
ΔHAQ score
 Bosello, 2011 12121 47ACR remissionS
 Gremese, 2012 14481 69DAS-2.8 <2.6‡S
 Hodkinson, 2012 15171 54low SDAINS
 Soderlin, 2011 28180 69EULAR response ΔHAQS
  • Scored as High-quality study.

  • Scores as Low-quality study.

  • High-quality study ≥79% (which is the median of all quality scores).

  • *Van de Woude 2009 reported on the Leiden EAC and the ERAS; since the Leiden EAC data were represented by the De Rooy article, only the ERAS data of this article were used. Similarly, only the BeSt data were used of the van der Woude et al 2012 article.

  • †Jayakumar et al and van der Woude 2009 et al report on the same cohort however other outcomes were applied.

  • ‡DAS remission is defined as a state, thus, an absolute DAS at a specific time point after treatment.

  • §Two groups were studied, in the single therapy group a significant association with symptom duration was found, by contrast with the combination therapy group.

  • ¶This cohort is also part of the three cohorts of Gremese et al, but different outcomes were used, namely ACR remission and erosiveness in the Bosello et al article and DAS-2.8<2.6 in the Gremese et al article.

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; DAS, Disease activity score; EAC, early arthritis clinic; ERAS, Early Rheumatoid Arthritis Study group; Erosive (yes/no), erosive disease present or absent; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; NS, Not statistically significant Trend: almost statistically significant. RA, Rheumatoid Arthritis; S, statistically significant; SHS, Sharp–van der Heijde score.